Dodi Tal Darba Top Trek

Dodi tal is located in 3024 mts. in uttarakashi district of uttarakhand. Dr. bahuguna had already contacted to NIM and had gathered all the information about the trek, he had arranged a porter cum guide also. We reached uttarakashi by bus. We had already done all the preparation for the trek.

Chaunhan was waiting for us when we reached at uttarakashi. As per him he had already joined many expeditions and had a rich experience. We left srinagar early so we reached there by time. We reached sangam chatti (14 km. from uttarakashi) by taxi, had light food and started trekking. After 3-4 Km. climb we reached Agoda village, here some people has developed there home as lodge, but we moved ahead as we had time till dark. This village was the center of 1991 earthquake in uttarakhand. People are good & hospitable of this village. They have good agriculture land. After 2 km. from this village we saw some closed shop near a natural spring. Shopkeepers might have gone to their village in night. We decided to stay in verandah of a shop. We burn the fire prepared dinner and boiled some potatoes for morning breakfast. Weather was bad. From here the trail converted into steep climb. There was a dense forest enroute where we saw monal bird. We saw many local villagers there, who were engaged in shop and some were pilgrims who went Dodital to worship. After 16 km. hike we reached at Dodital.

We reached here in afternoon because porter and my partners hiked very fast and I was helpless so followed them. This is a crystal clear water lake, surrounded by dense Oak, Pine, Deodar tree. The lake has so many fishes specially the Himalayan golden traut. Few shops and a forest rest house is available. A ganesh temple and Annapurna devi Temple is built up there. We sat in verandah of forest rest house, guard was not there so we prepared and ate food at verandah. Here we met some trekkers also. It gives a nice pleasure to share your experience with other trekkers. After that we searched out the surrounding area of lake. While trekking one should respect and accept the local tradition and culture, then he will be easily acceptable and welcomed by local people. Now the forest guard had reached and we got a nice wooden cottage.

Next morning we visited temple & found a register for entry, after seeing this I came to know that two days back a team of trekkers from kotdwar (BEL) has visited this place, later we all became friends and go for trekking together. We packed our baggage and followed the trail for Darba Top, the trail turns into a steep climb after few meters and we were hiking in forest. After few minutes hiking the forest ended and grass land started. There was no trail so we were seeing the top and making our own way. Lake was looking very beautiful from here. Many flowers were bloomed in bugyal. After 3 km. steep climb we reached at darba pass. After reaching here we saw such natural Himalayan beauty which can not be explained by words. There was a gentle slope in other side. Whole area was good grass land and the ocean of flower. We stayed here for some time and met a shepherd who gave us idea about the route. There was no trail so we stood on a ridge and were making idea about the trail. Here we did mistake, we left the glacier way and followed an easy slop and after moving few steps it converted into a descent slope. We could only walk due to big grass, in other season it’s impossible to follow this trails without equipment, second there was no water in the route. To search the water we left the way and went towards river, and we had to return from there. That time we were thinking about our porter cum guide chauhan but he was also helpless because what he could do, when trail was not there. We had already faced these types of problem many times. After hiking the grass land and then forest area we reached at road head in dark and this place was hanuman chatti. Which is situated enroute to Yamunotri and pilgrims stayed here, who visits Yamunotri. We hired a room, prepared food and slept. While sleeping I was thinking about today's trail and it was impossible to reach without a rich experienced person.

Next morning we reached janki chatti by bus. We left our most of things at hanuman chatti and kept only necessary things. Yamunotri was 6 km. from here. Dharamshalas, hotels and lodges are available near temple. Yamunotri river originates from here. Bali pass is near from here, which is used to enter in tons valley and opens near ruinsara tal. One natural spring is also available here, after taking bath in hot water we visited temple and prepared rice in the hot natural water, had it and kept some for our family members as prashad and reached hanumanchatti by afternoon but we couldn’t get a direct bus to srinagar so we decided to stay there. Next day we reached dharasu by bus, here thanked to chauhan moved to our destinations Srinagar & Pauri.